Frequently Asked Questions


What is Semi Permanent Makeup?

Semi Permanent Makeup imitates perfectly applied cosmetics, with natural-looking results that can be as subtle or as dramatic as you want!  You may have heard it also referred to as Permanent Makeup, Micro Pigmentation or Cosmetic Tattooing.

The effect is achieved in by infusing hypo-allergenic specialist pigments into the dermal layer of your skin, where they remain all day, every day.

The results fade gradually over 2-3 years, with a Colour Boost procedure recommended 12 – 18 months after the initial application to maintain a fresh appearance.

The most common procedures are Eyebrow Tattoo, Eyeliner Tattoo and Lip Liner or Lip Liner and Blush/Full Lip Tattoo.  We also specialise in Areola Reconstruction and Scar Camouflage, a revolutionary procedure designed to infuse pigment into scarred areas in order to subtly blend into the unaffected skin, camouflaging its appearance.

Am I a suitable candidate?

Things To Consider

Previous Semi Permanent Makeup : If you have had Semi Permanent Makeup done before then please be aware that this may affect whether or not we can continue with your procedure.  Whether it be a fresh enhancement or an older one that has not had any recent work done to it, it is our policy that an in person consultation is attended so that we can establish the correct course of treatment to ensure the best possible result.  This is not included in your voucher price, costs £25 and will be invoiced for separately via email.

Semi Permanent Makeup is designed to fade and lighten over time and even if regularly retouched can sometimes leave an undesirable tone in the skin such as a purplish, greyish or pinky orangey hue.  Unfortunately, in these cases, it is not simply just a case of designing a new brow over the top.  Old pigment in the skin will need to be corrected or even lightened/removed before a new brow can be designed.  We do offer correction and removal of Semi Permanent Makeup at an additional cost.  We are happy to discuss options with you.  Please get in touch if you would like to discuss this further.

Health Conditions : Some health conditions may require a Doctors consent to proceed.  If you have a health condition please mention this when making your enquiry so that we can provide you with a Doctors consent form for you to take to your GP.  Certain health conditions may mean that you are not a suitable candidate for Semi Permanent Makeup.  Please ensure that you advise us of any Medical conditions or medications that you are taking whether holistic or prescribed.

This treatment is generally considered unsuitable for the following:

  • Pregnant or breast feeding mothers
  • Autoimmune conditions (not including Alopecia)
  • Diabetics (advanced/insulin controlled)
  • Those taking blood thinners (aspirin/warfarin/paracetamol) or steroids
  • Occular/Oral Herpes sufferers (eyes and lips only)
  • Inflammatory skin conditions on the site to be treated (Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema/Psorasis)
  • Poor blood clotting
  • Haemophilia
  • Cosmetic allergies
  • Epilepsy (if active in last 3 years)
  • A history of eye disease , eye surgeries (eyeliners only)
  • People with an active high fever

However, if you are unsure about whether or not you are a suitable candidate, please get in touch for more information.


Will I benefit from Semi Permanent Makeup?

If you’re over 18 and use cosmetics it’s likely you’ll benefit from the liberating benefits of wearing Semi Permanent Makeup.

Feeling flawless, looking younger and saving time.

Semi Permanent Makeup can enhance your features with a soft natural look or be applied with the purpose of replacing makeup.

It’s a convenient alternative if you have allergies to conventional makeup or you’re sporty and want to look your best without worrying about your makeup smudging or sweating off.

It’s a must-have if your vision is poor or you have difficulty applying cosmetics due to dexterity related conditions – and of course its great if you’ve got a busy lifestyle and don’t have time to spend applying and refreshing makeup throughout the day and evening.

What can I expect?

After a consultation during which your face shape, skin tone and hair colour are analysed we will “pre-draw” your enhancement using conventional cosmetics. This ensures that the correct colours and styles are chosen for you and the finished result is exactly what you want.

Because client comfort is of the utmost importance, numbing agents are applied prior to the pigment “infusion” process, during which an electronic hand piece is traced over the “pre-drawn template” allowing specialist pigments to be precisely infused into your skin.

Most initial appointments take around 2 hours depending on the procedure and our clients describe the sensation as “like having your eyebrows tweezed” or “a tingling sensation”.

A second appointment to fine tune the results will be required 4-6 weeks after the initial procedure and usually takes around an hour.

Is it safe?

We follow a strict code of practice that ensures a safe treatment.  We also use strictly “one use only” disposable products that are completely disposed of at the end of your treatment.

We choose to work only with hypoallergenic pigments that meet European medical standards and an allergy test will always be prior to the treatment, usually this can be done during a consultation or we can post a patch test kits and instructions to your home along with pre procedure advice and medical questionnaire.

We also use the highest quality sterile needles, which are disposed of immediately after the treatment is completed.

Does it hurt?

The procedure is performed with your comfort in mind.  Topical anaesthetics are applied to the skin before and during the procedure to assure you have the most comfortable experience possible.

How long does it last?

Semi Permanent Makeup usually lasts between 12 – 24 months, but it’s difficult to generalise because the fading process is dependent on so many variables – for instance, if you who love to tan, it’s likely that your enhancement will fade faster.

We recommend that you return to refresh your enhancement every 12 months and the charge for this is approximately half the original full price.

Does Semi Permanent Makeup work on darker skins?

Semi Permanent Makeup looks great in black and Asian skin. However, as with conventional makeup muted-natural colours will not be as visible, especially in the case of lips – so we recommend that either vibrant, or darker shades be used to best showcase your enhancement and your complexion.

What can I expect post procedure?

The colour will be apparent for the first 3 days and will generally start to fade thereafter.  You can expect the healed result to be approximately 30 – 40% lighter in the case of brows and eyeliner and 60-70% lighter in the case of lips.  Healing takes approximately 4 – 12 weeks and is dependant on factors such as age and adhering to the advised aftercare.

What should I do before my procedure?

You will need to complete a full Medical Questionnaire along with some other forms.  You will also need to complete a sensitivity test prior to your appointment, this can be done at your consultation or of you prefer, the documents can be posted to you along with a sensitivity test kit and instructions.  Please complete the contact form to make an enquiry.

How do I book an appointment?

If you would like to book an appointment, can do so by calling us on 07736 428509 or via email at microbladingkent@gmail.com or via the contact form on this website.  Please read the pre-procedure advice before making contact.

Where are you located?

Our main clinic is located at Church Street Therapy Rooms in the heart of Maidstone in Kent.



You may experience some post-procedural swelling and redness, for this reason we advise you not to make social plans on the day of your procedure.

Do not take Aspirin, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen for 2 days before your procedure.  This is very important and will affect your treatment result.

Do not discontinue any medication without consulting your Doctor.

Do not drink Alcohol for 24 hours prior to your procedure. This is very important and will affect your treatment result.

Clients considering Botox or dermal fillers are advised to have their Semi Permanent Makeup procedure done at least 2 months prior this.  If you have recently had Botox or filler near the area to be treated, please ensure at least 4 weeks have passed before commencing your Semi Permanent Makeup treatments.  You will also need to wait 4 weeks after your final Semi Permanent Makeup appointment before having injectables again.


Eyebrow tinting, waxing, threading or Elecrolysis should be perfumed at least one week prior to your appointment.

It is helpful if you normally wear eyebrow pencil or powder to do so on the day of your appointment as this will enable us to see your preferred shape.


If you normally wear contact lenses, please ensure these have been removed prior to your appointment and that you have your glasses with you on the day as you will not be able to wear your contact lenses for at least 24 hours after the procedure.

Eyelash extensions should be removed professionally at least one week before your procedure.

If you suffer with Occular Herpes, then unfortunately eyeliner procedures will not be suitable for you.


If you suffer or have ever suffered with oral herpes (cold sores) then unfortunately this procedure will not be suitable for you.  It is important that your lips are not dry or chapped at the time of your appointments so it is advised that you moisturise well during the weeks running up to your appointment to ensure the skin is in the best condition for tattooing.


Patch tests are compulsory and must be completed a MINIMUM OF 48 HOURS PRIOR TO TREATMENT – this can be posted to you along with a medical questionnaire.  Please note we will need a lead time of 72 hours/3 days to ensure enough time to post out the patch test and information and for you to complete it 48 hours ahead of your appointment.

All Treatments

To gain the full effect you will require a minimum of 2 treatments, at least 4 weeks apart. Following an initial procedure on a new area it will take at least 4-6 weeks for the true results to emerge. At that point and to achieve the best and longest lasting result it is vital to have second treatment. A Semi Permanent  Makeup or Microblading procedure is not considered complete until you’ve had your second treatment. This way we can ensure you are completely happy with the finish and fine tune your result. If you have purchased a voucher, this voucher does not include the cost of the second appointment and this will need to be paid for in advance at the initial procedure to secure your second appointment.  More information regarding this can be found on the Voucher T&C page.

We use only single use disposable needles and blades and the pigments we use are formulated from natural minerals, and are prepared to the strictest standards of hygiene.

All pigments used in the clinic have CE european approval, are safe, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic. The pigments we use are frequently used by private and NHS hospitals.

Furthermore, opthamologists recommend permanent makeup procedures for clients with sensitive eyes.

To make sure your treatment is as comfortable and relaxing as possible, we will apply a local anaesthetic to the area we are working on.